Maycol's Photo-Biography


In 2011, Maycol began studying Business Administration at a local university called CEUTEC, and he continues his studies there in 2012.  He lives in the Timothy House, but still enjoys spending time with the younger guys at the Micah House.  (This picture was taken at Israel and Jenna's wedding in November 2011).

Above:  After graduating from high school in November, 2010, Maycol decided to do a Discipleship Training School through Youth with a Mission (YWAM) in Guatemala.   Above:  Maycol began his studies through YWAM in February, 2011.




Above:  Photos taken of 16 year old Maycol in January, 2009.   Maycol is in the 11th grade in 2009.  He is a good student and has big plans for his future!


Above:  Maycol takes a break from a hike in the La Tigra rainforest on a November 2006 outing.  He's quite the mountaineer!


Maycol  (pronounced "Michael") came to the Micah Project at the beginning of 2005.   He lived in a tiny rented room near the Micah House with his mother, step dad and five step brothers and sisters.  He had graduated from sixth grade in 2004, but his family did not have enough money to send him to school in 2005.   He began studying in our homeschooling program mid-year, and finally came to live with us permanently in November 2005.  Above:  Maycol takes a break from soccer with Micah missionary Becca Haver.   ~ November 2005


Maycol is an extremely intelligent young man.  He did very well with his studies in our home schooling program.  He is also a talented artist and has participated in our painting classes.  Here, he dreams of being at the beach in front of a mural.   ~ December 2005


While Maycol may be small for his age, he has quickly made friends at the Micah Project.  Here, he stands with his other classmates at the Project.   ~ September 2005.


Maycol had a soccer accident in June, 2005 and broke his left leg.   You can tell that he's not very happy with his cast!

Birthday:  July 24, 1992

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