A Visitor’s Guide To Goodlettsville TN

Goodlettsville is a town located in Tennessee. It sits on the border of two counties, Sumner and Davidson. It was incorporated in 1958 to become a city and had a population of almost 3000 residents. As of 2010, the city now has over 15,000 residents. The city decided to stay autonomous after the city of Nashville decided to merge with Davidson County government.

The History of Goodlettsville

The city’s history had roots in the first explorations of the state by the long hunters in the 16th century. A German immigrant by the name of Kasper Mansker discovered a salt lick that was in the area while he was hunting for game. He decided to open a trading outpost on the bank of the creek near where the salt lick was discovered.

The location was important because it provided the trading outpost with an excellent supply of fresh water and plenty of wild game. Named ‘Mansker’s Fort,’ the location played a very important role in providing protection for settlers who needed to hide from Native Americans.

These settlers were both resourceful and rugged, and they struggled to stay alive during the harsh winters and the unfriendly surroundings.

In 1850, the town was renamed to Goodlettsville to honor the Goodlett family. They were one of the most well-respected families in the area.

The Demographics

As of 2000, there were over 3500 households in the city and over 5800 families. The racial makeup of the city was as follows:

• 86% White
• 10% Black
• .22% Native American
• 1.64% Asian
• Other races

The average income for a household in Goodlettsville is $45,000 and the average income for a family is $54,000. Males earn more than females on average with a median income of $40,000 while females earn an average of $27,000.


The Davidson County side of Goodlettsville currently has two elementary schools. This side of the city also has a middle school. These schools feed into the Metropolitan Nashville School system, and students attend Hunter Lakes High School after completing the 8th grade.

In Sumner County, there is only one school that sits inside of the city limits. The parents on this side of the city also have the choice to send their child to the magnet school if the child meets the qualifications. Residents on the Davidson County side can also send the children to a magnet school.

Goodlettsville is rich in history and town pride. Stop by to visit and see what the city has to offer.