Olvin's Photo-Biography


Olvin moved back to Honduras in 2011 to begin his career here.  In 2012, he was hired as Project Manager of Micah 2.0!    It has been so good to have Olvin back in Honduras and involved with Micah!

Olvin graduated from the University of Houston in December, 2010!  It was a proud moment for the entire Micah family!  Here, Olvin smiles with Darwin Pavon, Oscar Amaya and David Miller after the ceremony.



Olvin poses with the Cougar, the University of Houston's mascot.  After transferring to U of H this fall, Olvin has been challenged by the diversity and sheer size of this sprawling university.    ~January 2008


Olvin (center) takes a break from his studies in April 2006 to visit Six Flags over Mid-America with Richard (left) and Tino.  Olvin finished up his freshman year at Missouri Baptist in May.


So what is Olvin learning at Missouri Baptist University this year???  Judging from the picture above, apparently he's taking a course in human cloning!    After many months of studies in English, I think he wishes he were four people so that he could get all the work done!  Here, Olvin and three "friends" chill in his dorm room.  (Thanks to his real roommate for creating this picture.)


Above:  Olvin poses on the shore of Lake Michigan during a trip to Chicago in October.  He is currently in his freshman year at Missouri Baptist University.


Olvin poses in his graduation gown on the evening of his graduation.  He gives a big hug to his mom!


Olvin celebrated his 18th birthday on August 28, 2004!  He is an amazing student and is very excited about graduating from high school in November 2004.  Above:  The Micah Project had a big celebration for his special day!


Olvin (black t-shirt) has been with the Micah Project since we opened in January 2000.  He is currently studying in the eleventh grade and is a very good student.  He is comfortable with long talks, and if you're not careful, he'll challenge you to a game of chess!

Olvin has also studied acting and drawing for two years in a local cultural center.  It is a very good way for him to express himself!

Above:  Olvin works with a young boy at a Vacation Bible School in March 2002.


Olvin's grandparents live in a village in "cowboy country" in eastern Honduras.   His family that still lives there works on coffee plantations.  Because of this, Olvin has always loved horses!  Above, Olvin (red shirt) and Miguel head for the trails on a recent Micah Project outing.       
~ May 2002


Olvin's family, pictured above, live in one of the most violent neighborhoods in Tegucigalpa.  While Olvin's two sisters still live at home, he is not able to visit often because of the gang activity which is aimed at forcibly recruiting teenage boys.

Above, five year-old Olvin is pictured with his mom and two sisters in their small home in 1992.


Olvin lived with his mom in very poor circumstances before joining the Micah Project in 2000.  Above, Olvin  (foreground) participates in an Independence day parade in 1999.  I am not sure if he's enjoying himself very much!

Age:  19

Birthday:  August 28